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Help with set up best practices

Question asked by theeric2 on Dec 19, 2017
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Hello Fellow Instructional Designers!


I am looking for information on Blackboard best practices in documentation form. I kn ow there are the exemplary program course examples and the program's rubric. rubric. There is a lot of great information present in the courses and rubric.I have been creating and teaching courses in Blackboard since 2005. I am now working with a client who has specific ideas how the course should be set up and I believe these ideas are confusing for learners and may cause issues down the road.


For example, this client does not like using content folders. Every item needs to be placed in a content area tab. Therefore, their course has a lot of tabs and it looks messy and confusing. (You should keep in mind this client does not like wikis, learning modules, blogs, and journals.) This is a weekly asynchronous course and they are including course links at the end of Week 1 to the beginning of Week 2. Students obviously will not be able to access the course link until Week 2 opens.


I am looking for best practices regarding general course set up, content areas and folder structure, course link usage, learning module usage, grade center usage, etc.  Are there sample courses I can look at that are not part of the exemplary program or do you have documentation on best practices I can peruse? Is there anything official put our by Blackboard which shows the best ways to set up folder structures and learning modules? At this point I would take something from any university or user!  I know we have to listen to our clients and give them what they want; however, in this instance I think they are making the wrong decision and I want to at least present information to them on better ways to set up courses.



Thanks! any help or advice would be appreciated.