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A Merry Christmas Season to all!

Discussion created by Ian Holder on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by timothyharfield

I'm so happy Blackboard set up this community, and thanks to Timothy Harfield, Rachel Scherer, Marissa Dimino and anyone else behind the scenes who keeps it running.  You do an absolutely fantastic job!  This community has been exceptionally helpful as someone who often works alone, to get ideas, share ideas, ask questions, etc., and to get experience from all over the world.


And a massive thanks also to all the community members here who post, answer, etc.  You're all great people who make the analytics world seem that more friendlier and smaller.


Not sure what the weather is like wherever you are (supposed to be 42C [107.6F] here today) -- here's what the front page of my local paper showed: Mercury rises for 40 degree December scorcher | The Border Mail   -- but hope you all have a wonderful Christmas/New Year season.


I hope to meet some of you at Austin next year, and hope to continue the great discussions we've had here.



not singing Frosty the Snowman...