What resources are you using to promote your Blackboard products?

Discussion created by eh0054212 on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by Ian Holder

Creating communications and sharing details with your users about our products and/or product upgrades can be time consuming. To help expedite and simplify this process, we have various communication and adoption toolkits for you. For example, we have the toolkits for our mobile apps Adoption Toolkits | Blackboard Help and toolkits for different Learn releases Communication and Adoption Toolkit for Learn Q2 2017 | Blackboard Help .

I'm looking to hear from the community about the resources that you find that most useful/impactful:

  • If you're using our toolkits, what resources do you use the most (email templates, videos, posters, etc)?
  • Do you develop your own resources? I'd love to see some examples!
  • Are there additional resources or tools that you are looking for?


We had a great conversation around this for mobile and I'd love to expand this to include other products as well.


Looking forward to hearing from the community!