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100% Width and Learn 2016 Theme in Q4 2017

Question asked by chrisboon on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by emunoz

We've recently upgraded our live system to Q4 2017 in preparation for the Crocodoc to New Box View transition, but have found an issue related to the Learn 2016 theme and 100% width setting which wasn't present in Q2 2017.  We've amended the Learn 2016 theme to set the width to 100% instead of the fixed width of 1300px (as I believe many people have), but this now produces an issue whereby the button to show and hide the side menu is no longer accessible on a small screen.


Here is a screen shot of our Q4 2017 test system with the standard vanilla Learn 2016 theme set, on a small browser window to emulate a mobile device.  Note the button at the top which is used to show and hide the course menu.

Learn 2016.png

Now I've changed the theme to set the 100% (and no other changes to the Learn 2016 theme - just the width changed from 1300px to 100%) and I'm seeing this:

Learn 2016 100% width.png

Note that the button for the course menu is no longer present (and the top menu doesn't work any more).  This means users who have small monitors, or screens set to 1024×768 screen resolution, or who are accessing Learn via a browser on a tablet or mobile cannot access the course menu at all, and therefore cannot navigate the course.


I've raised a ticket for this and have been told it's due to the change in the Learn 2016 that I've made and that I need to set it back to 1300px.  However, this has been specifically changed so that valuable screen real estate isn't wasted when marking.


I seem to be in a position where either we can use the whole screen, but then courses are completely inaccessible on small screens or mobile devices, or I fix the mobile issue, but then waste a large amount of screen space making online marking more difficult.


Has anyone found a solution or work-around for this?

Many thanks