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From the December 12, 2017 Roadmap presentation, does anyone know how the Q1-Q2 2018 Attendance feature works?

Question asked by burfordc on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by brad.evans

In the December 12, 2017 Blackboard Roadmap presentation, the Q1-Q2 2018 Attendance feature was discussed. I believe the link for the recorded Roadmap presentation is available at:


I'm able to find some additional information about the Attendance feature on the Blackboard Help site at:


Attendance | Blackboard Help


But I'm still not quite sure I understand how "taking attendance" is supposed to work in Blackboard (let's say for example in fully online courses as compared to using Blackboard in face-to-face courses)? In my fully online course, I think as an instructor I can check the Retention Center and see things like "Last Login," but if I'm taking attendance in an online course, I'm not quite sure how I'm able to tell if a student has logged in and accessed the course on a specific day or time without running one of the Evaluation + Course Reports.


So does anyone know how the "Attendance" piece is going to work in Blackboard for online courses? If I'm an instructor teaching a fully online course, does the Attendance feature--when I enable that option in my Blackboard course--check to identify the accounts enrolled in my course with the default student role and indicate whether or not the student has logged into the course? If I'm teaching fully online courses and I don't have a regular time that students and I meet because I'm letting them complete the course at their own pace (say for graduate studies), I'm curious just how the "Attendance" feature is going to work? If I handle the operation of taking attendance manually...where I manually check an option for each student as to whether or not they are present, absent, or tardy on specific days...what in Blackboard is going to tell me that my students are attending? For example, if I'm teaching a face-to-face course and using Blackboard as a supplement or area to record grades and keep a record of my student groups, then when me and my students meet in our brick and mortar classroom on campus, I can open up the Attendance feature in Blackboard and manually check that my students are present, absent, or tardy, but I'm curious how this feature will work in fully online courses or hybrid courses?