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Anyone else currently experiencing problems with the Panopto block in Express theme?

Question asked by bf0046348 on Dec 13, 2017

Our site is using Express theme (switching to Snap after Xmas) and Panopto plug-in version 2017100300.  Some course pages exhibit a problem whereby the Panopto block fails to "fetch Panopto content" eventually reporting "error writing to database" or "undefined" after which, the page becomes frozen and subsequent attempts to reload any page on the whole site result in a long delay and finally "error/Unable to obtain session lock."  I have support tickets in with Moodlerooms and Panopto already.  Moodlerooms has identified the Panopto plug-in as the source of the problem, but Panopto has not gotten back to me since this was elevated to their engineering team 48 hours ago.


It has been suggested I remove the offending block from the pages exhibiting the problem, but my students rely on using these blocks to access the video content.  I can't manually upgrade to a newer version of the plug-in, because this is all handled by Moodlerooms ... I feel stuck.  Anyone have any ideas?