December 2017 Territory/Release Moot/Webinar

Discussion created by jason.hardin on Dec 7, 2017
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In our December territory/release moots, we focused on what is coming in the Moodlerooms 3.3 Release. We have a lovely release notes document up, which will be a living document over the course of the month as the release is improved. In the Moot we covered the following new features:

  1. Upgrade to Moodle Core 3.3.3
    1. Better office Integration
    2. Improved user Dashboard
    3. Better Activity Completion Management
    4. Assignment Improvements
    5. Moodle Mobile Improvements
    6. Other Improvements
  2. Upgrade to Mahara 17.04
    1. LTI Provider Support
    2. New App Style Navigation
    3. Combined Pages and Collections
    4. Page Improvements
    5. Access Mobile Camera
    6. Other Visual improvements
  3. SafeAssign Integration
  4. Snap Improvements
    1. Simpler Activity Creation
    2. Improvements to Assignment Display
    3. Support for Course End Dates in Personal Menu
    4. Support for Moodle Notifications
    5. Category Brands
    6. Navigation Bar Coloring
  5. Record RTC Atto Plugin
  6. Moodlerooms Forums Improvements
  7. Collaborate Ultra Rest Support

If you were unable to attend you can download the Moot presentation and/or watch one of the recordings for your territory: