Impact of New Box View to Inline Grading in Bb Grader

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Hello - I wanted to provide the community with an update around how the transition to the New Box View API will impact inline grading in Bb Grader. Impact is minimal and we have identified a workaround for users detailed below. Please refer to this help site article for more details and information: Annotate Submissions | Blackboard Help and view the recent support bulletin here: Impact of New Box View to Inline Grading in Bb Grader.


Inline Grading Update & Workaround

Blackboard’s current service for inline grading is provided through Crocodoc. Box Inc. acquired Crocodoc in 2013 and is replacing this service with the New Box View API. The end-of-life date for the Crocodoc API is January 15, 2018. Due to the changes implemented by Box Inc., you will see different behavior in Bb Grader for inline grading.


After your institution transitions to the New Box View API, inline grading in Bb Grader app will show an error when you access documents for the first time. Subsequent views properly render the document. All other features in the Bb Grader app will continue to function.


You can work around this issue by closing and relaunching the Bb Grader app.

  1. Double tap the iPad Home button.
  2. Swipe Bb Grader to force close the app.
  3. Reopen Bb Grader.
  4. Open the submission.

Bb Grader.png

Inline grading capabilities can still be accessed in Blackboard Learn on a desktop web browser. Please note that your institution must be on a supported Blackboard Learn version to continue to use inline grading after January 15, 2018 through the New Box View API.


Here are other helpful resources about Bb Grader and transitioning to New Box View: