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The Power of a Cup of Tea

Discussion created by Ian Holder on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Ian Holder

Our campus is hosting a symposium for the College of Arts and Education over the next few days.


I met two delightful people, involved in assisting lecturers in learning and teaching, from other cities for a cup of tea before the symposium.  They wanted to chat about analytics.  I like nothing better.


We had a great discussion. And it reminded me of why I love the job I do so much: the engagement with all areas of the university; the need for synergy and for involvement by all to understand and interpret analytics; the ideas and thoughts people have; and finding out what academics and others are doing in the classroom or online - there is some great stuff being done around the place!


And I even got a gift bag of goodies from Adelaide!



What do you love about your job, and why?