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Question asked by pdiederich on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by td30512

I recently had a discussion around the support staff needed for our LMS, BB. I was told that our institutions BB instance was appropriately staffed when compared to other institutions of similar size, 10,000+ on campus undergrads, 2,000+ grads, and a number of fully online programs.  Currently we have, 1 LMS Administrator (who also handles tier 2 tech support), 1 DB Administrator, and .25 person providing Tier 2 LMS helpdesk support on an as needed basis.  The first two individuals handle all tool integrations, layout upgrades, SIS integration, data feeds, server support, upgrades, etc.


I've done a little research online and am having trouble finding staffing diagrams or literature documenting students to support staff. On an anecdotal level, I feel like this is understaffed and when any errors occur all LMS work is put on hold. Since we are not SaaS, all IT staff is focused on solving server, data feed issues, instead of other process improvements resulting in a less than ideal student/faculty experience.