November Mobile App Updates - Organizations, Custom Roles & More

Discussion created by eh0054212 on Dec 5, 2017
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Hello - The November release of the Blackboard (version 3.2) and Blackboard Instructor (version 1.4) apps brings some great new updates and highly requested features - very excited to share this with the community.


New Features 

  • Organizations (both apps) – Instructors and students now have access to their organization enrollments.  Users will be able to access the same types of content, assessments, discussions, announcements, and other tools that are already available in courses.  Organizations can easily be accessed by opening the main navigation and tapping on the new “Organizations” item.
  • Custom Roles (Instructor) – Educators that have been marked with a custom role in Blackboard Learn can now access all of their course and organizations enrollments.
  • Windows 10 Support (Instructor) – This marks the first release of Blackboard Instructor on Windows 10 devices. Just like Blackboard Instructor on iOS and Android – instructors will be able to preview content, moderate and participate in discussion boards, and quickly send announcements from the app.




*Please keep in mind that both organizations and custom roles will require the updated Mobile Web Services Building Block version 94.9.8.


For more details on the updates please see the release notes for the  Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor apps.