System notification from a custom/non System Admin

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Before I file a case in Behind the BB, I just want to ask you all if I am missing something. I want people that doesn't have the regular system admin role to be able to post system wide notifications and announcements. There are a number of use cases for this; for instance a department of communications that want to send out announcements of institutional information. Apparently, as long as you have a system role set to a user, the user will have the "Create" system notification button available:



However, I am not able to finalize the announcement because in the last step, the following error appears:



My question is simple - is there a system role privilege that I am missing here? The thing is, if I create a new system role and check ALL the boxes, I still get this error. Only the default System Administrator role is able to go through with the notification.


Hope someone can help!

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Peter Norberg

Dalarna University, Sweden