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API to create Blackboard format test files

Question asked by rothvin on Nov 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2017 by moneil

Hi All, I am brand new to the community, so please don't shoot me down if this has been asked before...  I have developed an app to create an RTF (using Excel input) that is importable into ExamView, including pictures.  I've worked with my brother, a teacher, to export it from ExamView in Blackboard format, and then import into Schoology (the main app he uses).  It looks great in ExamView and Schoology and everything is correct.


But I know selling an app that can only import into ExamView isn't going to sell like hotcakes, so I want to be able to offer the ability to create a Blackboard format of the same file, given that Blackboard appears to be Grand Central for test importing and exporting.  Is there an API that will create a test in Blackboard format?  I found some documentation online about a project called exams2blackboard, but it uses the 'R' programming language, mainly intended for math majors, and appears to be a pretty steep learning curve.... 


So, is there an simple API that can take input from a source, say Excel or Word (formatted correctly of course), and output a Blackboard test (zip with manifest and data files etc)?