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Default Discussion Board Pagination

Question asked by pdiederich on Nov 17, 2017

I know that each user can manually change the pagination in the discussion boards but can this be adjusted system wide, or at the course level? Nobody wants to be on page 2 and when the 26th person enters the class, someone suffers. I know faculty members who won't exceed 25 people in their online courses because of this specific issue. The current pagination editing is a one time fix, rendering it kind of useless. Wondering if there is a systems fix or an ID work around people have discovered.


In a previous attempt to share this my post was rejected by a moderator. It did however tell me I could edit and resubmit, so here goes. An ID suggestion would be a way to know why it was rejected. Wrong forum, bad language, noobie hazing, i'm fat, bad breath. I can take it, be honest. Rejection with no feedback is just bad design.