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Test with sections rendering User results by section/set

Question asked by gs0044169 on Nov 17, 2017

We are trying to build a test with three different sections (for example Section 1 has 40 questions, section 2 has 40 questions, and section 3 has 20) and the intent is that each section show the  results (i.e. 28/40 for section one and so on). The issue we see is the grade center only shows one column with the results of the entire test. The only solution we have found (with out of Box Blackboard) is that we create 3 seperate tests and use addaptive release to give the appearence that it is one test with sections. This allows for three sepearate grade columns that gives us the data we we need (number correct for section and percetage for that section) then we use a weighted column for the over all that includes all three coulumns. So the question is, "Is there a way to see these grading results (number of worng and/or correct questions and percentage by sections within one test by user) within one test istead of using the three test solution we have found?  Thanks for any assistance.