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Papercut Integration with Transact?

Question asked by ew0069001 on Nov 14, 2017

Can anyone that has successfully integrated Blackboard and Papercut share a little bit about their setup and process flow?


  • What does the printing process look like at your school? (Do students use their cards when printing, are students given printing funds, is printing tied to a separate stored value account?)
  • Are you storing account balances in Papercut or BbTS? How often does Papercut communicate with Blackboard regarding a student's balance?
  • If students are using their ID for printing, what happens when a student gets a replacement card? How does Papercut receive the updated card number information?
  • Is information beyond transactional data being pulled into Papercut (i.e. student name, email, user groups) and does this come from Blackboard or another source?
  • What did you learn/what would you do differently in integrating these systems on your campus?


Don't feel compelled to answer all of the above questions, any insight is greatly appreciated!