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Blackboard and WebPA integration

Question asked by ts0068516 on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by ts0068516

Hi, all. We've got an odd problem with getting our Blackboard Learn system (version 3200.0.2-rel.37+f07d42b, if it helps) to work properly with WebPA, and I hope someone can give me an idea of what's going on.


After working normally for a while, recently (within the last five to six months) WebPA has started behaving unexpectedly. You can still create a form and assessment and link to them from a course in Blackboard, but then:


- Any subsequent WebPA entries created in that course will point to the same assessment as the previous one.

- Any changes in one entry will be reflected in the other(s).

- Only one column will be created in the grade centre, regardless of how many WebPA entries are on the course.


This is just an educated speculation--I'm new to WebPA, and new-ish to Blackboard--but it sounds as if an initial database record is being created when the first WebPA link is added to the course, and then every link after that points to the same record.


I could be wrong, of course. Has anyone had a similar problem, or have any insight to what might be going on? Thanks in advance.