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XID Lookup Tools

Question asked by mf0052568 on Nov 8, 2017

I am testing the XIDdecode B2 and was thrown an ORA-00942: table or view does not exist error.  Bb support says the B2 needs to be updated but I have not found it on oscelot.  Is anyone familiar with this tool and/or know where an updated version can be found.  We currently have 1.0.5.  Alternatively, are there other tools people are using for XID lookup?  I have found Locate Content by XID and XID Resource Locator.  Has anyone used these tools?  Are they compatible with Q2 2017 CU4?  Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!   Kind regards,  Matthew P. Fillo Academic Technology Systems Administrator Ottawa University  - Phoenix 9414 N 25th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85021<> 602-749-5164