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Five decimal places now standard on all grades

Question asked by cw31641 on Nov 2, 2017
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Hi all


We've recently started looking at Q4 2016 CU4 and have noticed a new feature (and I'm guessing those on later versions will be seeing this too):


  • Grade display standardization 
    • This fix brings consistency to grades in Learn Original across a variety of views. Now, all gradebook columns online, download, and in My Grades support up to 5 decimals, are not rounded, and are consistent for Score and percentage display types.
    • The % symbol has been removed from cells in the offline download file to ensure values are not rounded.
    • The offline file now includes the primary display format type in the gradebook column header.


So we've done some initial testing, and can see that all grades shown in the grade centre now have 5 decimal places. So, for example, if an assignment is graded as 68, its not presented to the studdent as 68.0000.


We make extensive use of MyGrades as this is where we direct all students to check their course/module grades. We feel this looks really daft - anyone else? Is this really necessary? We've long argued Blackboard needs some choices around rounding and decmial display.