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Custom leaderboard (Gamification)

Question asked by ng0069443 on Nov 2, 2017
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We are trying to develop a gamification tool that needs to includes a leaderboard that needs to show progress at a course level and over multiple courses. We found a few gamification modules but these do not exactly meet our requirement and therefore have decided to build our own tool. We have limited knowledge of the Building Blocks framework and have been looking at developing this an LTI Tool that is integrated into Blackboard Learn.


One of the challenges that we have with an LTI Tool is the navigation. We are looking a way of loading the tool on a default tab so that students see this when they login to Blackboard Learn.


Is there any way we can autoload/launch the LTI Tool when navigating to the course contents? Can we also add and the tool to t TAB and have this launched automatically?