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Complete/Incomplete Setting in Gradebook Columns REST API

Question asked by tp36301 on Oct 31, 2017
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We are on Release 3100.0.3-rel.51+917ccd3 (Q4 2016 CU3) and MH and are using most of the gradebook column functions.


However, what happens or how can you call grade data if say for example you have the following:


Name: Name of Column

Primary Display: Complete/Incomplete

Category: Test

Points Possible: 100

External Grade: No

Due Date: None

Included in Calculations: No

Column ID: Column ID #


We get back the following for this column (others with actual scores are fine) using courses/externalid/gradebook/columns



    "status": 403,

    "message": "The grades for this column have been hidden and are available only to students."



If it were permissions related, I would think columns set the same way permission wise with scores would also not be visible.


Is there any way to have an indicator for this type of grade column or might there be limitation or the version of Learn we are on?


Tagging Peter Love, Mark O'Neil, Scott Hurrey, Mark Bykerk Kauffman on this one but please chime in if you know the answer .




Toni P.