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Strange issue with mini-webpages hosted in content system

Question asked by ryan.fuller on Oct 27, 2017
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I'm hoping some of you have seen this as well, because, you know, #miserylovescompany


We have some lesson content that we purchased from a vendor. This content is essentially a website that we then link to the index.htm file in the course. We were on Q2 2016 CU2 and everything worked well. Then, because we are transitioning to SAAS, we made the move to Q2 2017 CU2 to better align us with the version we will be moving to on SAAS.


After the upgrade, we found that when a user clicks on a lesson link, it renders a white page. Upon further inspection, it seems after the initial page is accessed, Blackboard is blocking access to the rest of the needed files requested by the coding in the index file. It SEEMS like a permissions issue, but even opening the permissions wide open does not resolve the issue. Here is the really frustrating part - If the end-user clicks the link, they get a white screen. If, however, they click the down-arrow that appears to the right of a link and chooses open, it opens! Nice to have a workaround, but frustrating nonetheless.


What we found is that the URL constructed when we attached the link to the index.html file in the content editor contains a PID/XID portion. If you remove that section of the URL and then try to access the index.html file, it works perfectly. When you use the open command, the PID/XID portion of the URL is NOT included. The requests for files made by the index.html code is baulking with the XID/PID section of the URL included.


Blackboard has acknowledged this as a bug. As a workaround (besides the down arrow> open option), they have suggested adding a base href tag to all index files. Again, that will work, but will negate the option to move these files in the content system. There might be other unintended consequences.


I have approached the vendor, but this is ultimately a Blackboard issue. The FIRST thing they told me is that the content system does not officially support hosting webpages... Ugh...


I appreciate any feedback or thoughts on this.


Ryan Fuller

Cobb Virtual Academy