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What topics do you want to see in the 2018 BITS line-up?

Question asked by debbora.woods on Oct 24, 2017

As we're wrapping up our last two Higher Education Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS) webinars in 2017, we're already in the planning stages to determine topics and speakers for our 2018 series starting in January.


BITS webinars are typically "how to" and provide tips and best practices for using Blackboard technology in instruction. And, the sessions are most often presented by YOU, our clients!

I would love your feedback for our 2018 sessions - What topics do you want us to bring to you? What time of the year are those topics most helpful and needed?


As a reminder, in 2017, our topics have been:


  • 17 best practices for designing exemplary courses


  • using Blackboard Collaborate for more than classrooms
  • preventing cheating in online courses


  • creating mobile friendly courses
  • personalizing online learning for students


  • using breakout groups in Blackboard Collaborate
  • using achievement badges in Blackboard Learn


  • Universal Design for Learning and Readspeaker
  • accessibility at Blackboard


  • 10 tips for student engagement in Blackboard Learn


  • using social media to engage students
  • using the Blackboard Retention Center to identify and motivate at-risk students


  • using gamification in courses
  • 5 tips for mid-term assessments
  • 7 strategies to creating student-centered courses


  • using humor in teaching to engage students


What would you like to see in 2018? Share your ideas by replying to this post, and we'll get started building a great line-up for you!


Thanks for your ideas - I'm looking forward to reading them,

Debbora Woods, MBA

Manager, Higher Ed Customer Programs & Communications

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