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ADFS + Login Error

Question asked by mh22766 on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by kelley.macewen

My school switched from using Jasig CAS as our SSO to using ADFS using SAML. It took some time for the network people to implement, but we got it going this past week.

Since the switch, intermittently, users have been experiencing log out and log in issues.

So a user will log into Blackboard and then log out and close the browser tab. But then say 5 mins later open a new tab and try to log in and they get an error. I have seen it myself but again it is intermittent. The solution so far has been for the user to clear their history/cache and restart the browser. After clearing the cookies, they have no issues logging in.


Anyone have this problem with ADFS and have a solution? Attached is a screenshot of the error screen we see.