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Auditing users with System Roles

Question asked by rbain on Oct 18, 2017


Here at Kent State University, we do an annual audit of people with admin privileges and system roles in our Learn instance.  This is coordinated by our security/access management group.  One of the criteria for completion is showing an actual "screenshot" of the users who have the specified roles in the system.  For instance, my direct support staff and myself all have system admin roles, I would need to show in Learn that these users have this particular role.  In the past, we manually went in and entered folks names in the description of the role, then took screenshots of that, but this requires these entries are manually updated, people come and go, so it can get tedious. 


Does anyone else run audits similar?  Does anyone know a reasonable way to get a listing of the people who have system roles, without going into each persons' account?


Thank you,


Bobbi Bain, Manager
Kent State University, Information Services