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Certificates cannot be printed

Question asked by p-lbachmann on Oct 19, 2017
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I am trying to set up a custom achievement, I have :

  • selected the achievement location in the folder I want it to be placed
  • selected "not visible to students before receiving"
  • entered a description


In "define triggers" I have added a "grade rule":

  • they get the achievement if they pass a test, the grade must be "Percent greater than or equal to 60"
  • I have added this grade-item


Under "select criteria" I have

  • entered the Issuer's name
  • selected a certificate
  • selected a badge


I have been testing this with a test-student-account. When I complete the test, the achievement appears in the correct folder, however, when the student goes under "My Achievements", he cannot see anything. I have tried the same with "course completion" and "milestone", in milestone the badge appears, but I need a certificate!


In the beginning I was setting it up without selecting a badge. Then I have added a badge and it worked once, I even printed the certificate... and then I built a new one with all the correct texts and I cannot make it work no matter what.


Do I  need to do something as "instructor" in order for the achievement to show up to the student?

What else could be wrong?

thank you!

Kind wishes,