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Attendance app for Blackboard

Question asked by aa1405465 on Oct 14, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2017 by Peter Love

Hello everyone,

I Hope all of you are all right



I am a CS Senior Student at Qatar University  and I and my friends wanted to create an android/IOS application

for our Qatar university which uses blackboard 9.1 2015 edition



I have searched a lot but it seems too complicated and messy to dig for information in here, so I am looking forward to your help and I appreciate it very very much



so what do I want to do

-> we want to create android/ios application that with a simple press, the attendance is published to student grades in Blackboard



we searched for REST api and we found what we are looking for

which is :






and we have already all the userIds ,CourseId,ColumnId





but we still have no idea if that is able to integrate with Blackboard 9.1 2015 edition or not

and what do we have to ask our system administrator be able to accomplish this work





please if you know how to do that tell us the steps



thanks very much again & support the education