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BB total redesign with current courses not auto exporting/importing

Question asked by pam.collins on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by pam.collins

My CIO just sent me this comment while attending a meeting (shown below) made by an administrator at another school - can anyone shed any light on this statement (a reason stating why they are going to Moodle)?  I am at a loss unless I have missed a dramatic announcement of some sort.  We are currently using BB Learn (managed hosting) Q2 2017.  My understanding is that BB Learn will not be going away.  I also cannot imagine that any BB courses would ever not export/import between BB platforms...


Comment from meeting attendee:

As an FYI, Blackboard is doing a major upgrade and totally redesigning. Our eLearning team is saying that none of the existing courses in the current Bb platform will automatically import. So we are looking at Moodle as a possible option since all Bb content will need to be reaccomplished across the board. This is causing some SERIOUS stress for eLearning and faculty.