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Experience with Hotjar Heatmap Analytics on Blackboard Learn

Question asked by tp36301 on Oct 10, 2017
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We are on Q4 2016 CU3 for most environments (prod, staging, and training servers) and Q4 2017 Tech Preview on our Test Server.


We are looking with work with our marketing team to test our hotjar for analytics beyond that Google offers starting with testing staging and training.


Folks here are most interested in heatmaps so I am curious how others have implemented this or other solutions for heatmaps in Learn 9.1, especially module clicks or hovering.


I look forward to learning about you experiences to help us in our path of using service like hotjar or others that might work even better for us.  Additionally, does this require MH to add the snippet from hotjar like for Google Analytics, Nikki Greaux, Michael Schultz, or Noelle Stephens?




Toni P.