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Individual Marks for Manual GC Column in SQL Server Analytics Database

Question asked by Ian Holder on Oct 7, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Ian Holder

Sorry for what may seem like a simple question, but I'm stumped at the moment.


I am trying to get a list of individual marks for a Manual Column in Grade Centre, based on the value of the Administrative Override column, for a specific Department for a specific Term.


I believe I need to use the GRADEBOOK_MAIN table to select the columns I want - Cumulative Mark and Administrative Override, based on Title.  Is this correct?

I then want to get all the individual values for students for these columns in the Grade Centre.  I thought I would go to the GRADEBOOK_GRADE table, but if I try and link on GRADEBOOK_GRADE.gradebook_main_pk1 and GRADEBOOK_MAIN.pk1 I get no matches for my courses.  Does GRADEBOOK_GRADE only contain information for Blackboard-created columns, or am I doing something very stupid that I can't see?  What I'd want it something like this:


Course     Student   Title               Mark

123        111       Cumulative Mark     60

123        222       Cumulative Mark     85


345        111       Cumulative Mark     90

345        333       Cumulative Mark     75



I can't see anything else here that looks like it helps: Blackboard database schema documentation


Another option may be to use the Analytics'  Final Dim tables; I suppose I could look at that.  But I thought I'd just look at the main Learn tables first to try and get the data.  As well as wanting to be able to exclude students who were "deleted" from the Grade Centre, which I can see via the GRADEBOOK_COURSEUSERS_EXT table.


Thanks for your time,