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    Where is the navcolorbg of a Course Theme defined?


      We've successfully created custom Course Themes by defining them in the database and putting CSS files on the servers under /usr/local/blackboard/docs/coursethemes/


      On the Customization > Teaching Style page, each of the Course Themes in the picker has the following HTML structure (using Blackboard's Citrus theme as the example):

      <div class="horizontal-block" bb:themename="Citrus" bb:themeid="_10_1" bb:navcolorfg="#E56100" bb:navcolorbg="transparent" role="radio" aria-checked="false" tabindex="-1">


      The attributes bb:navcolorfg and bb:navcolorbg are used to set the Background Color and Text Color in the Set Menu Style section when a Course Theme is selected.


      I've been able to trace the navcolorfg rule back to the coursetheme.css file - it populates with whatever value is set in the following CSS rule (again using Citrus as the example):


      .blockGroups .itemHead,

      .timediv ul li a {

           color: #E56100;

           border-bottom-color: #E56100;



      However, all of the existing course themes have no navcolorbg defined - they all default to "transparent" so I can't work out where this attribute would normally be defined, or which rule it derives from.

      The JSP file which populates this page pulls from the coursethemes bundle - does anyone know how the coursethemes bundle defines this attribute?