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Where is the navcolorbg of a Course Theme defined?

Question asked by rm0043949 on Oct 5, 2017

We've successfully created custom Course Themes by defining them in the database and putting CSS files on the servers under /usr/local/blackboard/docs/coursethemes/


On the Customization > Teaching Style page, each of the Course Themes in the picker has the following HTML structure (using Blackboard's Citrus theme as the example):

<div class="horizontal-block" bb:themename="Citrus" bb:themeid="_10_1" bb:navcolorfg="#E56100" bb:navcolorbg="transparent" role="radio" aria-checked="false" tabindex="-1">


The attributes bb:navcolorfg and bb:navcolorbg are used to set the Background Color and Text Color in the Set Menu Style section when a Course Theme is selected.


I've been able to trace the navcolorfg rule back to the coursetheme.css file - it populates with whatever value is set in the following CSS rule (again using Citrus as the example):


.blockGroups .itemHead,

.timediv ul li a {

     color: #E56100;

     border-bottom-color: #E56100;



However, all of the existing course themes have no navcolorbg defined - they all default to "transparent" so I can't work out where this attribute would normally be defined, or which rule it derives from.

The JSP file which populates this page pulls from the coursethemes bundle - does anyone know how the coursethemes bundle defines this attribute?