Question from Blackboard Designer: Editing selected items from text editor

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I’m a designer for Blackboard and would like to get feedback from this community on some design-related questions. Answering these questions is highly beneficial for our process. Please feel free to explain your answer, as your explanation can be just as helpful to us as the answer itself.






In Learn Ultra we are exploring options to allow people to adjust settings of attachments they have inserted into the rich text editor. Please view the two attached images when selecting your answer.



By default, the edit button is hidden and only turns visible when items that can be edited via the edit button is highlighted or selected. (Callout: 1a & 1b for the edit button)


In the instance when two or more editable items are selected in order to edit their settings but you can only edit one of the items, do you expect the behavior to be:



A. I can edit the topmost selected attachment in the document order (2a)


B. I can edit bottom-most selected attachment in the document order (2b)


C: I can edit the first attachment I selected


D: I can edit the last attachment I selected


E: Clicking on the edit pencil does nothing


F: Other



Thank you so much for your feedback!





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