"Late Submissions Accepted" for Assignments in the Blackboard Mobile App

Discussion created by srichter on Oct 4, 2017
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File Oct 04, 4 04 08 PM.jpegA faculty member just discovered that the Blackboard App (the one for students) is adding a message to her Assignments that have due dates which says "Late Submissions Accepted". Her course policy in fact states the exact opposite. There is no way to indicate on an Assignment that late submissions are not accepted (similar to on a test).


Has anyone else seen this? Or know when it was added?


I have also posted an Idea to have this removed - you can comment on it there to potentially get more attention to the issue: Remove "Late Submissions Accepted" from Blackboard Mobile app on Assignments


This could cause faculty to stop using Due Dates, which is problematic because Due Dates drive so many other features of Blackboard and help students stay on track. Alternatively, they may choose to tell students to not use the app, because it is unreliable, which we also do not want to happen.


Argh - I would love to know who made the decision to add this, and to have a long talk with them about why this is such a terrible idea.