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We have noticed that the speed in which SaaS loads is slower than sites using Managed Hosting.

Question asked by bishop.thomas on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by raphael.ferreira

This has been consistent with our testing. Since SaaS is resilient and responsive to load demand, one would think it would be generally faster than other deployment methods. We have tested other SaaS and MH sites and their speeds are consistent with ours.


Using Google PageSpeed Insights as well as Chrome Developer Audits, we are tracking load speeds for several Blackboard sites, both SaaS and Managed Hosting. The Chrome Audits are beneficial since they can test the load time for courses/pages that you are logged in to. The speed times are consistently slower to SaaS courses than to BbMH. Has anyone else experienced this same phenomenon?  Are there projects in the works to bring SaaS performance in parity with Managed Hosting?