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Collaborate Ultra "My Room" option

Question asked by jo32204 on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by at38029

Hi everyone,


Before Collaborate Ultra instructors used to have the "My Room" option in addition to the default Course Room.  After we turned on the Ultra Experience, the My Room option was gone, and we were just left with the default course room.  I contacted support last year and there response was:


You are not seeing the My Rooms because the Collaborate building block is currently set to use the Ultra Experience. The building block you have does not support sessions when using Ultra, only the course room. If you are looking to have individual sessions, we recommend using the new Ultra building block. Please note this is a separate building and uses different login credentials than the building block you have.


So we've since enabled the new Ultra building block for testing, and I see the option for creating session within a course, but I don't see how it gives any of the functionality of the "My Room" feature.  How are instructors supposed to handle online office hours without a room that students enrolled across all their courses can access?  If they're teaching 3 different courses and have set office hours that are common to all, do they have to just join the course room for all 3 courses at once in 3 different browser sessions?  Am I missing an option?