Instructional Designer System Role

Discussion created by mh22766 on Sep 27, 2017
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I am expanding my office from one and adding an instructional designer. I want to create a new system role that would give the instructional designer admin light privileges but still have full admin rights over the internal aspects of courses (adding content, deleting, adding users to a course,etc)

I can get the privies set for the admin light portion, but I cannot set the privies to allow the role to have full edit rights over any course.

Example: When entering a course all of the material is set to hidden..........certain items do not load (images).........basically, the only way the user can have full control over the course is to enroll in the course as the instructor. Then the user gets full privies over the course, but the user cannot remove themselves from the course. I get an error message that states that only system admins can remove teachers.

I copied the Course Administrator role and then added in the course content privies. But even if I check every darn item, I still cannot get the role to function properly in a course.
Issues that I am seeing.......all of the content folders are hidden by default.......sometimes I can make them visible and other times, not so much. Also I cannot self enroll the account as an instructor and then un-enroll the account. I get an error message stating only system admins can remove faculty.


Again I think I have the admin light part down with the is getting the privies set so the role has full control over a course. Is this possible?