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SCORM Report setting vs grade center setting.

Question asked by gw0046349 on Sep 26, 2017

After one of my users inquired about contradictory results on a SCORM report, it appears the report limits itself to only the most recent attempt.  A user in the report was recorded as not complete with only a few seconds in the SCORM. Yet when I went to the grade center and looked at the attempt details, I could easily see by date/time stamps that the user completed the SCORM (received his score) and then later went briefly back into the SCORM, presumably to check something.  Since the grade center was set to use the latest graded attempt, his second quick dive into the SCORM did not remove his completion, but it certainly affected the report.  I cannot find a setting for the report to make it match the grade center setting.  I looked in BB help and all over my system tab for secret report settings.   Am I missing something or is this just the way the report works?