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Query to pull total time on a test and the test grade?

Question asked by lee.mcminn on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by hxnguyen

Does anyone have or can you help me create a query to pull amount of time spent on a test and the grade for that attempt? Basically I need to collect the student's name, user_id, course_id, test name, and grade.  We have a group of courses (actually sections of the same course e.g. ENG-101-###) that all give the same 8 quizzes. We need to collect the amount of time spent by each student on each quiz and show their score beside that. They are trying to see if there is a correlation between the amount of time spent on the quiz and the student's grade. Instructors would like to share that with their students to show that if they take their time and read each question carefully and not rush through the test, their score will improve. We can already do this within each section for individual students, but we'd like to pull this across a group of sections.



Lee McMinn