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How to implement site wide announcements?

Question asked by lk0050494 on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by mwilday

We would like to implement site wide announcements in our Moodlerooms site. Have any of you successfully pushed important announcements site wide using the Latest News block?


Here is my quandary: All of our courses already contain an announcements forum from the template we use. Courses are only allowed one announcements forum, so when I implement the news block site wide it sees the frontpage forum as a second forum, and is automatically connecting to the course forum instead. Yet, creating new courses without the course forum does not fix that problem.

Looking at the settings of the frontpage news block, the Original block location = Frontpage. The news block inside the courses all show Original location= System, (with no way to change it). My understanding of using this block site wide is the location should be showing Frontpage. It seems there must be a setting somewhere that is forcing the location change. I have not been able to track it down.


If you have succeeded at making the News block work, or use a different means to the same end, any tips, guidance, or recommendations you could share would be much appreciated!