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In Blackboard Learn, I see that some test answer choices are single spaced while others are not. How can I make them all the same?

Question asked by breedlovep on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by hr24929

If you are able to see the image I pasted below, question 3 is spaced normally, but for some reason, question 4 is spaced differently from all other questions on that test. However, I could ignore that, but in some instances, I have seen one answer choice in a list spaced differently from all other answer choices within the same question, which I really would like to avoid. In both sets of answers, the setting is Paragraph/Arial/3(12). There are no hard returns at the end of any of the choices. There also appears to be no way to change line spacing, so I am flummoxed. Any thoughts on how to fix this?