Wow - what a turnout for our ECP Cohort Week 1 training!

Discussion created by debbora.woods on Sep 19, 2017

What a fun kick-off to our Exemplary Course Program Cohort today! Get this...we had 975 registrations for today's event!

It's not too late to join us. Make sure you're registered for Weeks 2-4 here:


Here's another exciting takeaway for our ECP Cohort team - attendees asked 143 questions, and we set aside the last 20 minutes for our Exemplary Course Winner, Dr. Catherine Barber, to answer a lot of them out loud that were specific to her course tour she provided.


So, we've decided to change things up. Instead of including Course Reviewer Training in Week 3, we're going to hold a separate webinar for that on Week 5. That will leave plenty of time for our ECP Winner to answer your questions. So keep an eye out for the Course Review Training invite and sign up if you're interested in learning how to use the Exemplary Course Rubric to conduct peer reviews!


Thanks to everyone who participated today. Remember to share your course design ideas, templates, blogs, etc. here in the ECP Cohort!


See you online next week,


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