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Two questions: Batch uploads and recent Bb outage

Question asked by on Sep 18, 2017
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We use a different registration system for Non Credit students than we do for Credit students. Our Credit students get access through our single sign on protocols between Bb and Banner. However, our Non-Credit students are outside this system. This requires that we manually create each noncredit student, not ideal as we try to grow our noncredit portfolios. Does anyone utilize a manual batch upload into Blackboard? We’ve recently gotten some push back about creating this process and wonder if anyone had one in place already and could share some of their learning pains with us.


Also, was anyone else recently effected by a Bb update that is resulting in a lot of 504 Errors and Blackboard outages? We are self hosted and our Bb rep says this is happening to others... has anyone else experienced this issue over the past week or so?


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Carolyn Siccama

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University of Vermont