Surveys and hiding results from instructors until a particular date

Discussion created by ac0054325 on Sep 18, 2017
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I'm working with a professor who is administering a Blackboard survey in about 30 courses per quarter in her department to give feedback to instructors. She does not want the instructors to see the results until after final grades are submitted (i.e. on a designated date). Since students who submit the survey get some extra credit, it is necessary to know which students completed the survey, so a Google Form or something like that wouldn't work (and which is why a Bb survey is perfect). As it stands, though, instructors can view survey results at any time, which is a big no-no, even though surveys are anonymous. (E.g. If the instructor downloads the results and only one student has submitted the survey, s/he knows how that user responded.) We brainstormed hiding the survey column from instructors in the Grade Center, but she says instructors can still find that column and un-hide it.


Is there any way to make this work in Blackboard? I thought about embedding a Google Form or Qualtrics Form in Blackboard and having students somehow indicate when they've submitted it, but each form would have to be different for each of the ~30 classes, results would have to be independently distributed to each instructor, etc. -- a major administrative hassle.


Thanks in advance!