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Moving course to SYSTEM DSK in Framework not shielding feed update for end date

Question asked by tp36301 on Sep 13, 2017
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I am looking to have a workaround for recent past term courses temporarily moved to the SYSTEM DSK to prevent the End Date updates.


We don't want to uncheck the update in the advanced configuration; however, in our testing in staging, the course end was overwritten even in the SYSTEM DSK.  It didn't change the DSK back, yet it did change the end date back.  We are MH on Q4 2016 CU3, and are Flat File feeds with a pipe delimited files.


In the past in the Legacy Snapshot, moving to SYSTEM prevented the overwrite with courses.  We are able to have the changes for a number of advanced configurations on Users for example and this isn't needed very often but it would be good to understand if the logic or process has changed.


I am tagged by Framework friends Brett Stephens, Chris Bray, and on the Bb side Tim Grady and Jeff Kelley.  Thanks in advance for your help.




Toni P.