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Issue using Dragon with  Blackboard Collaborate Classic

Question asked by techwizard on Sep 12, 2017



We use Blackboard Collaborate Classic, so that volunteer tutors can be paired with adults with disabilities to take part in computer tutoring classes.

In one pairing, both client and volunteer have disabilities which prevent them from using their hands, so they control their PCs using a Jouse, and sometimes, Dragon Naturally Speaking, speech recognition.

We have a situation at the moment -

The tutor uses Request Desktop Control to see the client's computer desktop. During the session, the tutor has his Dragon turned on, but the client does not have her Dragon turned on.

When the tutor is using his Dragon during the class, if the Blackboard window is in focus on the tutor's PC, anything he says is being dictated into the application that is open on the client's PC. For example, if MS Word was open on the client's PC, then anything the tutor says is being dictated into the MS Word document.

What I was expecting to happen was that the Dragon Dictation box would appear, but it does not.


Ideally, what we need is a solution where when the tutor is using Dragon, when he dictates, it only gets interpreted and displayed when the tutor requests it, and not when the Blackboard window is in focus.

Has anyone had any experience of this, and if so, how did you overcome it ? 

Any help would be appreciated.