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Escape character for test questions (displaying code within test Q)?

Question asked by ukeyream on Sep 11, 2017

Hi all,


We have an academic who's currently building a test in Learn that includes Fill in Multiple Blanks type questions. This question type uses variables in square brackets to indicate where you want a blank field to appear within the question for students to type an answer in to. The test's subject is programming and so the academic has a need to display programming code "as is" within the question's body for students to refer to. However, wherever this code contains square brackets it generates errors, due to this question type using square brackets to define its variables.


We've suggested the following two workarounds to our academic so far, but if anyone has any other suggestions (or knows an escape key that would work here) they'd be appreciated:

  1. Typing up the code that should be displayed "as is" in the question into another program, screenshotting it and then embedding this into the question as an image.
  2. Using a different delimiter within the "as is" code, such as {} <> or quasi-square brackets, ⦋ ⦌ ⟦ ⟧


For reference, we're on Learn 9.1 2016Q4


Thanks in advance.