Course flipping to organization Q4 2016?

Discussion created by andres.quintero on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by lc32244

I have 2 reports from different faculty who have imported course content using a "Import Package" utility.


The file, normally generated out of an organization is causing certain (not all) courses to flip into organizations. The import log clearly says the following:


"A course-based operation is being performed, however, the provided package describes an organization object. As a result, the operation will create an organization."


I verified permissions and instructors and Teaching assistants don't have access to create new organizations and/or courses.


I have already created a ticket with support about the issue, but I am wondering if anyone else has noticed the same problem? This was not an issue before, but it has now happened twice since we moved to Q4 2016 (3100.0.1-rel.177+6ef1843).