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Batch import a grading schema.

Question asked by ed0046157 on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by chrisboon

About a year ago, we set up the default grading schema to be the one we're using. All the courses after that point that we rolled over last summer picked up the new grading schema (those before we'd set the default had the old one). Last year, most people weren't marking online, so didn't need it.


This year for some reason, *some* courses have it; some have the old one; even though the new one is set as the default. I'm not quite sure what links those that have, with those that don't, as there's no clear pattern (it's not the same as those who'd had it last year or didn't ...)


I've got an export based on just the grade centre so we've been using that for staff to add it to their courses, but it's a bit fiddly - so I was looking at Export, Archive, and Restore Courses | Blackboard Help  - which would seem to fit the bill. Can I double check that if I ask it to import this new schema, it'll just add it, but not alter anything else (i.e. behave in the way it does if you import it manually to a single course.