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Add Banner Schedule Type/Part of Term in Bb

Question asked by denise.woolsey on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by denise.woolsey

We recently implemented a new SIS, Banner, and it has been a challenge transitioning to the default Blackboard (Bb) course IDs and course names.  We're used to having schedule type and part of term indicated in course IDs (e.g. "HYB" for hybrid, "B1" for block 1). 


I want to write a custom script for faculty and staff to add the Banner Part of Term (or abbreviation) and Schedule Type (i.e. F, H or 0) fields to Bb course names, since I need to keep course IDs the default of [CRN]+.[TERM] (e.g. 11234.201810).  The 2 fields aren't being sent from Banner, though, (via Ellucian's ILP) and Ellucian tells me I can’t modify the set of fields being sent from Banner to Bb (which I find hard to believe).


I hesitate to start processing a special feed file to update course names, because courses are added in Banner often.  This would also overwrite any changes made by instructors, since they have the ability to modify a name once a course is created.


How are other institutions that are using Ellucian’s ILP to process Banner accounts, courses and enrollments distinguishing course type and part of term in Bb?  For example, what changes have been made so Program Chairs and other staff are able to perform simple searches, such as online only semester courses?


Thank you in advance for your time!



Denise W.