New Developed Application to Automate Text File Generation

Discussion created by abdullah.shabbab on Sep 5, 2017

SIS Snapshot Flat File Generator

The SIS Snapshot Flat File Provider is a system that complements the process of integrating the blackboard system or any system that depends the transmission of data on text files. The main role of this application is to convert the database table to a text file automatically.

When should this application be used?

This Application should use when the system, that we want to integrate with, does not support web service integration. Instead of using the web services, the system can use connection details (Connection string and Query).

Blackboard and SIS Snapshot Flat File Provider:

Blackboard needs to integrate with the SIS to get all for instructors and students and enrollments. To make that, the blackboard developers have created many solutions, for example, the IMS Enterprise, IMS LIS, XML snapshot and Flat File Snapshot. Our solution deal with Snapshot Flat File. Snapshot Flat File is a good solution that could blackboard get data from SIS. The application satisfies data providing from SIS.

System properties:

  • Auto SIS providing the Snapshot files from SIS.
  • Automate the manual step in the data transferring.
  • Facilitate the system admin.

SIS System Role:

The Admin for the SIS system should create Tables View for snapshot files instead for saving or putting the txt file in a specified data directory. The Blackboard should get the connection details (Connection String and Selection Query).

Pre-implementing the application:

  • Test the connection between SIS server the PC that you will implement the application on it.
  • The Blackboard Admin should test the connection details is working or not.


How to implement the Application:
As we mentioned, this application will work to facilitate the data providing from the SIS system. Which is the complex step in the transferring data to blackboard database.

  1.    Download the exe file from the following link:

    simple_txt_generator.exe - Google Drive

  1.    You don't need to install the application. Just run the exe file and it will work.
  2.    The Configuration page will display to you.

Note: The configuration page will display for one time.

  1.    Enter the connection string and the select query and press Run button.
  2.     The table will display in the table datagridview.
  3.     Finally, press on "Export Text File" button.

Note: when the application has been run again the text file will be updated.


Automating SIS Flat File processing:

  1.     Automate launching txt generator application by creating a daily task in the Operation System. Automate TXT Generator Application | Blackboard Snapshot Automation - YouTube
  2.     Post the text file in the Blackboard by using one for the snapshot flat file automation. You can use cURL or sis_snpshtFF_auto